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Club Statement: Crowd Issues


The age in which you can buy an unaccompanied ticket to enter the SO Legal Stadium has been raised to 15 and over.

We understand there are numerous supporters who have already bought Season Tickets, and we will be reaching out to those to provide a solution, but no singular ticket can be bought alone under the age of 15.

The Club will be adopting a stringent check upon entering the ground and any groups unaccompanied will be subsequently challenged.


If you are entering the SO Legal Stadium with your child or children, please make sure they always remain under your supervision.


When entering the SO Legal Stadium, face coverings MUST not be worn at turnstiles unless for a valid reason. We still have Covid safe turnstiles, so your safety will not be jeopardised.

If you do not comply, we have the right to refuse entry. 


In the interim, a section of Holker Street will be closed until further notice